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Carbon Sciences (to be renamed Digital Locations, Inc.) has spent several years developing breakthrough technologies based on graphene, the new miracle material. The company recently shifted its focus to developing next generation location based advertising solutions that digitally connect brands with people and places. Through an ecosystem of interactive digital signage, smart sensors, and augmented reality in highly visited locations, such as airports, entertainment districts, shopping malls and sports venues, we intend to allow brands to advertise and interact with consumers in the context of where they are, who they are, and where they're going. We plan to develop a cloud-based platform for property owners to use in delivering high value custom audience segments to advertisers, backed by powerful data analytics and reporting. Our mission is to transform digital out of home ("DOOH") advertising from simple messaging to immersive experiences by bridging the physical and digital worlds, allowing for a truly connected multi-channel experience.


Carbon Sciences is a public company with the trading
symbol of CABN