After successfully exploring methods to produce low cost graphene the new miracle material Carbon Sciences is now focused on the research and development of graphene-based devices to enable ultrafast fiber optics communication in Cloud computing infrastructure.

By applying the high speed optical and electrical properties of graphene, we believe graphene-based fiber optic components, such as optical modulators and photodetectors, can help unclog the speed bottlenecks in the Cloud. Thereby, enabling a global era of high resolution video on demand, high fidelity music streaming, high volume e-commerce and many more Cloud-based services.


After a substantial period of research, Carbon Sciences has narrowed its acquisition search focus to cloud-based data collection and analytics services.

With Cloud computing infrastructure becoming more cost-effective and available, this segment of the information technology business has become an attractive growth industry. We believe we can apply Cloud, Big Data and mobile paradigms to create value in existing industries such as retail, entertainment and commerce by connecting people with places.

We intend to acquire companies with specific applications and services that help us achieve this goal.


Carbon Sciences is a public company with the trading
symbol of CABN